How to update the esp-idf versionΒΆ

The esp-at project supports two platforms by default, ESP32 UART AT and ESP8266 UART AT. Each of the platform has a set of configurations, you can configure its directory by setting the ESP_AT_MODULE_CONFIG_DIR in the Makefile. The default directory of ESP32 UART AT is module_config/module_esp32_default, and the ESP8266 UART AT is module_config/module_esp8266_default, version information is in the file IDF_VERSION. For example, the version info of module_esp32_default is:


branch: branch of the idf
commit: commit id of the idf
repository: url of the idf

To update the idf/SDK, you need to change the branch, commit and repository to be the ones that you want to update to.

It is suggested that you can delete the original idf/SDK after updating the file IDF_VERSION. In this case, the esp-at will clone the new idf/SDK according to the file IDF_VERSION firstly in next compilation.

Notice: If you changed the repository url in the file IDF_VERSION, then you have to delete the original idf/SDK in the project. Otherwise, the update may fail.