How to Update the ESP-IDF Version

ESP-AT firmware is based on the Espressif IoT Development Framework (ESP-IDF), and each version of AT firmware corresponds to a specific ESP-IDF version. It is strongly recommended to use the default ESP-IDF version of the ESP-AT project, and NOT recommended to update it, because the inconsistency between the underlying ESP-IDF versions of libesp_*_at_core.a and the ESP-AT project may cause incorrect operation of the firmware.

However, in some special cases, a minor updated ESP-IDF version may be also able to work with the ESP-AT project. In case you should update it, this document can be a reference.

The ESP-IDF version that a specific ESP-AT firmware corresponds to is recorded in the IDF_VERSION files, which are distributed in different module folders under the module_config folder. The file describes the branch, commit ID, and repository url of the ESP-IDF that a module firmware is based on.

For example, the IDF_VERSION of the WROOM-32 module of PLATFORM_ESP32 platform is located at module_config/module_esp32_default/IDF_VERSION.

If you want to update the ESP-IDF version for your ESP-AT firmware, please follow the steps:

  • Find the IDF_VERSION file for your module.
  • Update the branch, commit ID, repository as needed.
  • Delete the original esp-idf under the esp-at root directory, so that the ESP-IDF of the version specified in IDF_VERSION will be cloned first in the next compilation.
  • Recompile the ESP-AT project.

Note that if the ESP-AT version and the ESP-IDF version do not match, the following error will be reported when compiling:

Please wait for the update to complete, which will take some time