Migrate Storage to ESP-IDF 5.0

Breaking changes:

f_mkfs() signature change in FATFS v0.14

New signature is FRESULT f_mkfs (const TCHAR* path, const MKFS_PARM* opt, void* work, UINT len); which now uses MKFS_PARM struct as a second argument.

Partition table generation no longer supports misaligned partitions

When generating a partiton table, esp-idf will no longer accept partitions which offset does not align to 4kB. This change only affects generating new partition tables, reading and writing to already existing partitions remains unchanged.

esp_vfs_semihost_register() signature change

New signature is esp_err_t esp_vfs_semihost_register(const char* base_path); Absolute path as a second parameter will no longer in use. Instead, the OpenOCD command ESP_SEMIHOST_BASEDIR should be used to set the full path on the host.