This is documentation of ESP-IDF, the framework to develop applications for ESP32-P4.

The ESP32-P4 is a high-performance MCU that supports large internal memory and has powerful image and voice processing capabilities. The MCU consists of a High Performance (HP) system and a Low Power (LP) system. The HP system contains a RISC-V dual-core CPU running up to 400 MHz and rich peripherals, while the LP system contains a low-power RISC-V single-core CPU running up to 40 MHz and various peripherals optimized for low-power applications.

Espressif IoT Integrated Development Framework

Espressif IoT Integrated Development Framework

The ESP-IDF, Espressif IoT Development Framework, provides toolchain, API, components and workflows to develop applications for ESP32-P4 using Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.