ESP-LyraP-LCD32 v1.1


This user guide provides information on the ESP-LyraP-LCD32 extension board.

This extension board cannot be bought separately and is usually sold together with other Espressif development boards (e.g., ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1), which will be referred to as main boards below.

Currently, ESP-LyraP-LCD32 v1.1 is sold as part of the ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 Kit v1.2.

The ESP-LyraP-LCD32 extends the functionality of your main board by adding an LCD graphic display.


ESP-LyraP-LCD32 (click to enlarge)

The document consists of the following major sections:

  • Overview: Provides an overview and hardware/software setup instructions to get started.

  • Hardware reference: Provides more detailed information about the ESP-LyraP-LCD32’s hardware.

  • Hardware Revision Details: Covers revision history, known issues, and links to user guides for previous versions of the ESP-LyraP-LCD32.

  • Related Documents: Gives links to related documentation.


This extension board adds a 3.2” LCD graphic display with the resolution of 320x240. This display is connected to ESP32-S2 over the SPI bus.

Description of Components

ESP-LyraP-LCD32 - front

ESP-LyraP-LCD32 - front (click to enlarge)

In the description of components below, Reserved means that the functionality is available, but the current version of the kit does not use it.

Key Component


Extension Header

Male Extension Header for mounting onto a female Extension Header

LCD display

This version has a 3.2” 320x240 SPI LCD display module; the display driver/controller is Sitronix ST7789V

Touch Screen Switch

No support for touch screens, keep the switches to OFF to make the pins available for other uses

Main Board 3.2” LCD FPC Connector

(Reserved) Connect to main board’s 3.2” LCD FPC connector

Control Switch

Switch to ON to set Reset/Backlight_control/CS to default high or low; switch to OFF to make the pins available for other uses

Start Application Development

Before powering up your ESP-LyraP-LCD32, please make sure that it is in good condition with no obvious signs of damage.

Required Hardware

  • Board with a female Extension Header (e.g., ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1, ESP-LyraT-8311A)

  • ESP-LyraP-LCD32 extension board

  • Four mounting bolts (for stable mounting)

  • Computer running Windows, Linux, or macOS

Hardware Setup

To mount your ESP-LyraP-LCD32 onto the board with a female Extension Header:

  1. Install the four mounting bolts onto the board with a female Extension Header

  2. Align the ESP-LyraP-LCD32 with the bolts and Extension Header and insert it carefully

Software Setup

See Section Software Setup of the ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 kit user guide.

Hardware Reference

Block Diagram

A block diagram below shows the components of the ESP-LyraP-LCD32 and their interconnections.

ESP-LyraP-LCD32 block diagram

ESP-LyraP-LCD32 block diagram

Hardware Revision Details

No previous versions available.