Call function with external stack


A given function can be executed with a user allocated stack space which is independent of current task stack, this mechanism can be used to save stack space wasted by tasks which call a common function with intensive stack usage such as printf. The given function can be called inside the shared stack space which is a callback function deferred by calling esp_execute_shared_stack_function(), passing that function as parameter


esp_execute_shared_stack_function() takes four arguments, a mutex object allocated by the caller, which is used to protect if the same function shares its allocated stack, a pointer to the top of stack used to that fuction, the size in bytes of stack and, a pointer to a user function where the shared stack space will reside, after calling the function, the user defined function will be deferred as a callback where functions can be called using the user allocated space without taking space from current task stack.

The usage may looks like the code below:

void external_stack_function(void)
    printf("Executing this printf from external stack! \n");

//Let's suppose we wanting to call printf using a separated stack space
//allowing app to reduce its stack size.
void app_main()
    //Allocate a stack buffer, from heap or as a static form:
    portSTACK_TYPE *shared_stack = malloc(8192 * sizeof(portSTACK_TYPE));
    assert(shared_stack != NULL);

    //Allocate a mutex to protect its usage:
    SemaphoreHandle_t printf_lock = xSemaphoreCreateMutex();
    assert(printf_lock != NULL);

    //Call the desired function using the macro helper:


API Reference


void esp_execute_shared_stack_function(SemaphoreHandle_t lock, void *stack, size_t stack_size, shared_stack_function function)

Calls user defined shared stack space function.


if either lock, stack or stack size is invalid, the expression will be called using the current stack.

  • lock – Mutex object to protect in case of shared stack

  • stack – Pointer to user alocated stack

  • stack_size – Size of current stack in bytes

  • function – pointer to the shared stack function to be executed


ESP_EXECUTE_EXPRESSION_WITH_STACK(lock, stack, stack_size, expression)

Type Definitions

typedef void (*shared_stack_function)(void)