What Is VisualGDB?

VisualGDB is a powerful extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that provides advanced development tools and features for embedded systems, including support for the ESP-IDF framework. VisualGDB allows you to leverage the familiar and feature-rich Visual Studio environment for your ESP-IDF projects, enabling efficient coding, debugging, and deployment.


Please download and install VisualGDB by following the steps stated in VisualGDB download and installation.


Creating Advanced ESP32 Projects with ESP-IDF provide basic steps about how to configure an ESP-IDF project in VisualGDB.

You can also refer to Advanced ESP-IDF Project Structure to get a more comprehensive impression for developing ESP-IDF projects using VisualGDB.


For more information about VisualGDB and ESP-IDF integration, refer to the following resources:

  • VisualGDB Documentation: The official documentation for VisualGDB provides comprehensive guides and tutorials on using VisualGDB with ESP-IDF.