Installation and Dependencies

You will need Python 3.7 or newer installed on your system to use the latest version of If your use case requires Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, or 3.6, please use v3.3.* instead.

The latest stable esptool release can be installed from PyPI via pip:

$ pip install esptool

With some Python installations this may not work and you’ll receive an error, try python -m pip install esptool or pip3 install esptool, or consult your Python installation manual for information about how to access pip.

Setuptools is also a requirement which is not available on all systems by default. You can install it by a package manager of your operating system, or by pip install setuptools.

After installing, you will have installed into the default Python executables directory and you should be able to run it with the command or python -m esptool. Please note that probably only python -m esptool will work for Pythons installed from Windows Store.


If you actually plan to do development work with esptool itself, see Development Setup for more information.