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We use pre-commit for code formatting, and some linter checks. You can install it by

$ pre-commit install

We use commitizen to auto generate the You don't need to install it or know anything about the tool itself, but please follow the conventional commits rule when writing commit messages.

Running Tests

By default, all tests under all plugins would be run.

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ bash install
$ # export DONT_SKIP_QEMU_TESTS=1 (when qemu-system-xtensa is ready)
$ # export DONT_SKIP_JTAG_TESTS=1 (when you have a jtag connection)
$ pytest

Writing Tests

Basically we're following the official documentation. You could also refer to the tests under each plugin.

Building Docs

We use mkdocs and mkdocstring with theme mkdocs-material to build docs.

Test Docs Locally

$ cd docs
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ mkdocs serve # For preview
$ mkdocs build # For build