AT Binary Lists


This document covers the following sections:


To download AT firmware for other chip series, please go to the drop-down list on the upper left corner of this page and select a chip series to navigate to the documentation of that chip for downloading.

Brief Introduction to AT Firmware

The ESP-AT firmware package contains several binary files for specific functionalities:

├── at_customize.bin        // Secondary partition table (user partition table, listing the start address and size of the mfg_nvs partition and fatfs partition)
├── bootloader
│   └── bootloader.bin      // Bootloader
├── customized_partitions
│   └── mfg_nvs.bin         // Factory configuration parameters, parameter values are listed in the mfg_nvs.csv file in the same directory
├── esp-at.bin              // AT application firmware
├── factory
│   └── factory_xxx.bin     // Collection of binary files for specific functionalities. You can burn only this file to the flash space with a starting address of 0, or burn several binary files to the flash space corresponding to the starting address according to the information in the download.config file.
├── partition_table
│   └── partition-table.bin // Primary partition table (system partition table)
└── ota_data_initial.bin    // OTA data initialization file