When Wi-Fi coexists with Bluetooth, what mode does it support?

  For supported coexistence scenarios, please refer to coexistence documentation.

When Wi-Fi coexists with ESP-BLE-MESH, the Wi-Fi throughput is low, why?

For ESP32-DevKitC boards without PSRAM, Wi-Fi can coexist with ESP-BLE-MESH but with a relatively low throughput. For ESP32-DevKitC boards with PSRAM, the transmit rate can stabilize at over 1 Mbps.

To support PSRAM, the following configurations in menuconfig should be enabled accordingly:

  • ESP32-specific --> Support for external,SPI-connected RAM --> Try to allocate memories of Wi-Fi and LWIP...

  • Bluetooth --> Bluedriod Enable --> BT/BLE will first malloc the memory from the PSRAM

  • Bluetooth --> Bluedriod Enable --> Use dynamic memory allocation in BT/BLE stack.

  • Bluetooth --> Blutooth controller --> BLE full scan feature supported.

  • Wi-Fi --> Software controls Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence --> Wi-Fi

Does ESP32 support coexistence between ESP-WIFI-MESH and Bluetooth® LE Mesh?


However, the ESP32 supports coexistence between ESP-WIFI-MESH and Bluetooth LE, or Wi-Fi STA and Bluetooth LE Mesh.

Does ESP32 support coexistence between Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi?

Yes, but time-sharing control is required for ESP32’s coexistence between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Please go to menuconfig to enable the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence, shown as follows:

menuconfig -> Component config -> Wi-Fi -> Software controls WiFi/Bluetooth coexistence (Enable)

When Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE, and A2DP sink coexist, audio data reception is lost and lagged while entering Bluetooth LE scanning. How to resolve such issue?

  • Use RingBuf to cache audio data

  • Pause music and add a tone, such as “scanning for devices”.

Can BLE advertising (Connectable) and iBeacon sending (advertising) coexist?

IDF: release/v4.0 and later versions | CHIP


  • Not supported yet on hardware level, but can be realized on application layer by polling and sending broadcast packets at regular intervals.

IDF: release/v4.3 and later versions | CHIP: ESP32-C3|ESP32-S3

  • Yes.