Install Pre-commit Hook for ESP-IDF Project


Install pre-commit

Run pip install pre-commit

Install pre-commit Hook

  1. Go to the ESP-IDF project directory.

  2. Run pre-commit install --allow-missing-config -t pre-commit -t commit-msg. Install hook by this approach will let you commit successfully even in branches without the .pre-commit-config.yaml

  3. pre-commit hook will run automatically when you are running git commit command

Uninstall pre-commit Hook

Run pre-commit uninstall

What Is More?

For detailed usage, please refer to the documentation of pre-commit.

Common Problems For Windows Users

/usr/bin/env: python: Permission denied.

If you are in Git Bash, please check the python executable location by run which python.

If the executable is under ~/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/, then it is a link to Windows AppStore, not a real one.

Please install Python manually and update this in your PATH environment variable.

Your USERPROFILE contains non-ASCII characters

pre-commit may fail when initializing an environment for a particular hook when the path of pre-commit's cache contains non-ASCII characters. The solution is to set PRE_COMMIT_HOME to a path containing only standard characters before running pre-commit.

  • CMD: set PRE_COMMIT_HOME=C:\somepath\pre-commit

  • PowerShell: $Env:PRE_COMMIT_HOME = "C:\somepath\pre-commit"

  • git bash: export PRE_COMMIT_HOME="/c/somepath/pre-commit"

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