Updating ESP-IDF tools on Windows

Install ESP-IDF tools using install.bat

From the Windows Command Prompt, change to the directory where ESP-IDF is installed. Then run:


This will download and install the tools necessary to use ESP-IDF. If the specific version of the tool is already installed, no action will be taken. The tools are downloaded and installed into a directory specified during ESP-IDF Tools Installer process. By default, this is C:\Users\username\.espressif.

Add ESP-IDF tools to PATH using export.bat

ESP-IDF tools installer creates a Start menu shortcut for “ESP-IDF Command Prompt”. This shortcut opens a Command Prompt window where all the tools are already available.

In some cases, you may want to work with ESP-IDF in a Command Prompt window which wasn’t started using that shortcut. If this is the case, follow the instructions below to add ESP-IDF tools to PATH.

In the command prompt where you need to use ESP-IDF, change to the directory where ESP-IDF is installed, then execute export.bat:

cd %userprofile%\esp\esp-idf

When this is done, the tools will be available in this command prompt.