Configure Other JTAG Interface


Refer to section Selecting JTAG Adapter for guidance what JTAG interface to select, so it is able to operate with OpenOCD and ESP32-S2. Then follow three configuration steps below to get it working.

Configure Hardware

  1. Identify all pins / signals on JTAG interface and ESP32-S2 board, that should be connected to establish communication.

    ESP32-S2 pins and JTAG signals

    ESP32-S2 Pin

    JTAG Signal

    MTDO / GPIO40


    MTDI / GPIO41


    MTCK / GPIO39


    MTMS / GPIO42


  2. Verify if ESP32-S2 pins used for JTAG communication are not connected to some other h/w that may disturb JTAG operation.

  3. Connect identified pin / signals of ESP32-S2 and JTAG interface.

Configure Drivers

You may need to install driver s/w to make JTAG work with computer. Refer to documentation of JTAG adapter, that should provide related details.


Connect JTAG interface to the computer. Power on ESP32-S2 and JTAG interface boards. Check if JTAG interface is visible by computer.

To carry on with debugging environment setup, proceed to section Run OpenOCD.