Configure ESP32-C3 Built-in JTAG Interface

ESP32-C3 has a built-in JTAG circuitry and can be debugged without any additional chip. Only an USB cable connected to the D+/D- pins is necessary. The necessary connections are shown in the following section.

Configure Hardware

ESP32-C3 pins and USB signals

ESP32-C3 Pin

USB Signal









Please verify that the ESP32-C3 pins used for USB communication are not connected to some other HW that may disturb the JTAG operation.

Configure USB Drivers

JTAG communication should work on all supported platforms. Windows users might get LIBUSB_ERROR_NOT_FOUND errors. Please use version 2.8 (or newer) of the ESP-IDF 工具安装器 and select the driver "Espressif - WinUSB support for JTAG (ESP32-C3/S3)" in order to resolve this issue. If you do not want to re-run the installer then the same can be achieved with idf-env by running the following command from PowerShell:

Invoke-WebRequest '' -OutFile .\idf-env.exe; .\idf-env.exe driver install --espressif

On Linux adding OpenOCD udev rules is required and is done by placing the following udev rules file in the /etc/udev/rules.d folder.