Chip comparison


What’s the difference between single-core and dual-core of ESP32 (programming method, features performance, power consumption, and etc.)?

The main difference would be the additional independent core, on which some highly real-time operations can be located.

  • The programming method is the same, and users only have to configure the freertos to run on the single core. See make menuconfig Component config FreeRTOS [*] Run FreeRTOS only on first core;

  • From the performance aspect, they are only different when it comes to high-load calculations. If not regarding to such calculations, there is no obvious difference in use (e.g., AI algorithm, high real-time interruption);

  • There is only a slice of difference in power consumption when entering modem-sleep mode. For more details, please refer to ESP32 Technical Reference Manual.

What’s the difference between ESP32 E03 and the previous version in software use?

Not much differences in software use, and this version is compatible to old firmwares and some bugs in hardware have been solved. For more information, please refer to ESP32 ECO V3 User Guide.