AT Binary Lists


Each of the linked above ESP-AT-Bin files contains several binaries for some specific functions, and the factory/factory/xxx.bin is the combination of all binaries. So user can only download the factory/factory_xxx.bin to address 0, or several binaries to different addresses according to ESP-AT-Bin/download.config.

  • at_customize.bin is to provide a user partition table, which lists different partitions for the ble_data.bin, SSL certificates, and factory_param_XXX.bin. Furthermore, users can add their own users partitions, and read/write the user partitions with the command AT+FS and AT+SYSFLASH.

  • factory_param_XXX.bin indicates the hardware configurations for different ESP modules (see the table below). Please make sure the correct bin is used for your specific module.


    If users design their own module, they can configure it with reference to the esp-at/docs/en/Compile_and_Develop/How_to_create_factory_parameter_bin.rst, and the binaries will be automatically generated after compilation. Users can also select firmware with similar configuration according to the configuration of UART pins/PSRAM/Flash ( The premise is to ensure that the hardware meets the requirements. Please refer to ESP-AT Firmware Differences for the firmware applicable to your module ). When users flash the firmware into module according to the download.config, the customized_partitions/factory_param.bin should be replaced with the actual module-specific customized_partitions/factory_param_XXX.bin. UART CTS and RTS pins are optional.

    • ESP32 Series
    Modules UART Pins (TX, RX, CTS, RTS) Factory Parameter Bin
    ESP32-WROOM-32 Series (ESP32 Default Value) GPIO17, GPIO16, GPIO15, GPIO14 factory_param_WROOM-32.bin
    ESP32-WROVER Series (Supports Classic Bluetooth) GPIO22, GPIO19, GPIO15, GPIO14 factory_param_WROVER-32.bin
    ESP32-PICO Series GPIO22, GPIO19, GPIO15, GPIO14 factory_param_PICO-D4.bin
    ESP32-SOLO Series GPIO17, GPIO16, GPIO15, GPIO14 factory_param_SOLO-1.bin
    • ESP32-C3 Series
    Modules UART Pins (TX, RX, CTS, RTS) Factory Parameter Bin
    ESP32-C3-MINI Series GPIO7, GPIO6, GPIO5, GPIO4 factory_param_MINI-1.bin
  • ble_data.bin is to provide BLE services when the ESP32 works as a BLE server;

  • server_cert.bin, server_key.bin and server_ca.bin are examples of SSL server’s certificate;

  • client_cert.bin, client_key.bin and client_ca.bin are examples of SSL client’s certificate.

If some of the functions are not used, then the corresponding binaries need not to be downloaded into flash.