Removed or Deprecated Components


Components Moved to ESP-IDF Component Registry

Following components are removed from ESP-IDF and moved to ESP-IDF Component Registry:


Please note that http parser functionality which was previously part of nghttp component is now part of http_parser component.

These components can be installed using add-dependency command.

For example, to install libsodium component with the exact version X.Y, run add-dependency libsodium==X.Y.

To install libsodium component with the latest version compatible to X.Y according to semver rules, run add-dependency libsodium~X.Y.

To find out which versions of each component are available, open, search for the component by its name and check the versions listed on the component page.

Deprecated Components

The following components are removed since they were deprecated in ESP-IDF v4.x:


OpenSSL-API component is no longer supported. It is not available in the IDF Component Registry, either. Please use ESP-TLS or mbedtls API directly.


esp_adc_cal component is no longer supported. New adc calibration driver is in esp_adc component. Legacy adc calibration driver has been moved into esp_adc component. To use legacy esp_adc_cal driver APIs, you should add esp_adc component to the list of component requirements in CMakeLists.txt. Also check Peripherals Migration Guide for more details.

The targets components are no longer necessary after refactoring and have been removed:

  • esp32

  • esp32s2

  • esp32s3

  • esp32c2

  • esp32c3

  • esp32h2