Espressif’s Frameworks

Here you will find a collection of the official Espressif libraries and frameworks.

Espressif Audio Development Framework

The ESP-ADF is a comprehensive framework for audio applications including:


  • Music Players and Recorders

  • Audio Processing

  • Bluetooth Speakers

  • Internet Radios

  • Hands-free devices

  • Speech Recognition

This framework is available at GitHub: ESP-ADF.


ESP-CSI is an experimental implementation that uses the Wi-Fi Channel State Information to detect the presence of a human body.

See ESP-CSI project for more information about it.

Espressif DSP Library

The library provides algorithms optimized specifically for digital signal processing applications. This library supports:

  • Matrix multiplication

  • Dot product

  • FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

  • IIR (Infinite Impulse Response)

  • FIR (Finite Impulse Response)

  • Vector math operations

This library is available here: ESP-DSP library.

ESP-WIFI-MESH Development Framework

This framework is based on the ESP-WIFI-MESH protocol with the following features:

  • Fast network configuration

  • Stable upgrade

  • Efficient debugging

  • LAN control

  • Various application demos



The ESP-WHO is a face detection and recognition framework using the ESP32 and camera. To know more about the project, see ESP-WHO on GitHub.

ESP RainMaker

ESP RainMaker is a complete solution for accelerated AIoT development. Using ESP RainMaker, you can create AIoT devices from the firmware to the integration with voice-assistant, phone apps and cloud backend.

ESP RainMaker on GitHub.


ESP-IoT-Solution contains commonly used device drivers and code frameworks when developing IoT systems. The device drivers and code frameworks within the ESP-IoT-Solution are organized as separate components, allowing them to be easily integrated into an ESP-IDF project.

ESP-IoT-Solution includes:

  • Device drivers for sensors, display, audio, GUI, input, actuators, etc.

  • Framework and documentation for low power, security, storage, etc.

  • Guide for Espressif open source solutions from practical application point.

ESP-IoT-Solution on GitHub.