What is PlatformIO?

PlatformIO is a cross-platform embedded development environment with out-of-the-box support for ESP-IDF.

Since ESP-IDF support within PlatformIO is not maintained by the Espressif team, please report any issues with PlatformIO directly to its developers in the official PlatformIO repositories.

A detailed overview of the PlatformIO ecosystem and its philosophy can be found in the official PlatformIO documentation.


  • PlatformIO IDE is a toolset for embedded C/C++ development available on Windows, macOS and Linux platforms

  • PlatformIO Core (CLI) is a command-line tool that consists of multi-platform build system, platform and library managers and other integration components. It can be used with a variety of code development environments and allows integration with cloud platforms and web services


Please go through the official PlatformIO configuration guide for ESP-IDF.


Project Examples

Please check ESP-IDF page in the official PlatformIO documentation

Next Steps

Here are some useful links for exploring the PlatformIO ecosystem: