How to Enable ESP-AT Ethernet



This document is intended to help you enable ESP-AT Ethernet. After that, a simple test will show you how to confirm whether the enablement is successful.

Step 1. Configure and Flash

  1. ./ menuconfig -> Component config -> AT -> AT ethernet support to enable the Ethernet interface.

  2. ./ menuconfig -> Component config -> AT -> Ethernet PHY to choose the PHY model. For more details see PHY Configuration.

  3. Recompile the esp-at project (see Compile ESP-AT Project Locally), download AT bin into flash.

PHY Configuration

Use ./ menuconfig to set the PHY model. These configuration items will vary depending on the hardware configuration you are using.

The default configuration is correct for Espressif’s Ethernet board with TP101 PHY. ESP32 AT supports up to four Ethernet PHY: LAN8720, IP101, DP83848 and RTL8201. TLK110 PHY is no longer supported because TI stoped production. If you want to use other PHY, follow the ESP32-Ethernet-Kit V1.2 Getting Started Guide to design.

Step 2. Connect the Board and Test

Now connect the board to the router via a ethernet cable, the board will automatically send a DHCP request and try to obtain an IP address. If the device obtains the IP address successfully, you can use the PC connected to the router to ping the board.