IDF Windows Installer


Command-Line Parameters

Windows Installer esp-idf-tools-setup provides the following command-line parameters:

  • /CONFIG=[PATH] - Path to ini configuration file to override default configuration of the installer. Default: config.ini.

  • /GITCLEAN=[yes|no] - Perform git clean and remove untracked directories in offline-mode installation. Default: yes.

  • /GITRECURSIVE=[yes|no] - Clone recursively all Git repository submodules. Default: yes.

  • /GITREPO=[URL|PATH] - URL of repository to clone ESP-IDF. Default:

  • /GITRESET=[yes|no] - Enable/Disable git reset of repository during installation. Default: yes.

  • /HELP - Display command line options provided by Inno Setup installer.

  • /IDFDIR=[PATH] - Path to directory where it is installed. Default: {userdesktop}\esp-idf}.

  • /IDFVERSION=[v4.3|v4.1|master] - Use specific ESP-IDF version. E.g., v4.1, v4.2, master. Default: empty, pick the first version in the list.

  • /IDFVERSIONSURL=[URL] - Use URL to download list of ESP-IDF versions. Default:

  • /LOG=[PATH] - Store installation log file in specific directory. Default: empty.

  • /OFFLINE=[yes|no] - Execute installation of Python packages by pip in offline mode. The same result can be achieved by setting the environment variable PIP_NO_INDEX. Default: no.

  • /USEEMBEDDEDPYTHON=[yes|no] - Use Embedded Python version for the installation. Set to no to allow the Python selection screen in the installer. Default: yes.

  • /PYTHONNOUSERSITE=[yes|no] - Set PYTHONNOUSERSITE variable before launching any Python command to avoid loading Python packages from AppDataRoaming. Default: yes.

  • /PYTHONWHEELSURL=[URL] - Specify URLs to PyPi repositories for resolving binary Python Wheel dependencies. The same result can be achieved by setting the environment variable PIP_EXTRA_INDEX_URL. Default:

  • /SKIPSYSTEMCHECK=[yes|no] - Skip System Check page. Default: no.

  • /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /SP- /NOCANCEL - Perform silent installation.

Unattended Installation

The unattended installation of ESP-IDF can be achieved by following command-line parameters:

esp-idf-tools-setup-x.x.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /SP- /NOCANCEL

When running the installer from the command line, it detaches its process from the command line and starts a separate process in the background to perform the installation without blocking the use of the command line. The following PowerShell script allows you to wait for the installer to complete:

esp-idf-tools-setup-x.x.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /SP- /NOCANCEL
$InstallerProcess = Get-Process esp-idf-tools-setup
Wait-Process -Id $

Custom Python and Custom Location of Python Wheels

The IDF installer is using by default embedded Python with reference to the Python Wheel mirror.

The following parameters allow to select custom Python and custom location of Python wheels:

esp-idf-tools-setup-x.x.exe /USEEMBEDDEDPYTHON=no /PYTHONWHEELSURL=

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