NVS Partition Parser Utility



The utility nvs_flash/nvs_partition_tool/nvs_tool.py loads and parses an NVS storage partition for easier debugging and data extraction. The utility also features integrity check which scans the partition for potential errors. Data blobs are encoded in base64 format.

Encrypted Partitions

This utility does not support decryption. To decrypt the NVS partition, please use the NVS Partition Generator Utility which does support NVS partition encryption and decryption.


There are two output format styles available with the -f or --format option:
  • json - All of the output is printed as a JSON.

  • text - The output is printed as a human-readable text with different selectable output styles mentioned below.

For the text output format, the utility provides six different output styles with the -d or --dump option:
  • all (default) - Prints all entries with metadata.

  • written - Prints only written entries with metadata.

  • minimal - Prints written namespace:key = value pairs.

  • namespaces - Prints all written namespaces

  • blobs - Prints all blobs and strings (reconstructs them if they are chunked).

  • storage_info - Prints entry states count for every page.


There is also a none option which will not print anything. This can be used with the integrity check option if the NVS partition contents are irrelevant.

The utility also provides an integrity check feature via the -i or --integrity-check option (available only with the text format as it would invalidate the json output). This feature scans through the entire partition and prints potential errors. It can be used with the -d none option which will print only the potential errors.