ESP32-S2 Beta Preview Support

The current master branch of ESP-IDF (pre-V4.1) contains preview support for ESP32-S2 Beta.

The ESP32-S2 Beta chip is not the same as the final ESP32-S2, the Beta chip is a limited engineering sample and as a result not all features are available.

Software support is still being developed ahead of the final ESP32-S2 release (see Limitations and Roadmap sections below).


Except where it specifically mentions ESP32-S2, this version of the ESP-IDF Programming Guide is written for ESP32 only. Most software APIs and components are the same or very similar for ESP32-S2, but differences may not be documented yet.

Setting up for ESP32-S2 Beta

To start with, follow the 快速入门 guide to configure the CMake-based build system for ESP32.

When running or install.bat as part of the Get Started guide, the ESP32-S2 toolchain will be automatically downloaded and added to the IDF Tools directory. If you had already run or install.bat before updating to a version with ESP32-S2 support, you may need to re-run it.

The toolchain tuple is xtensa-esp32s2-elf-, for example the GCC compiler for this target is named xtensa-esp32s2-elf-gcc.

Manual toolchain URLs

If not using or install.bat, you can download the manual toolchain manually from here:

If installing the toolchain manually, unpack it somewhere and add the bin subdirectory to your PATH.

Building a project for ESP32-S2 Beta


Not all ESP-IDF examples support ESP32-S2 Beta.

For some examples this is because required hardware is not included in ESP32-S2 so it cannot be supported. For some examples this is because the example has not yet been updated for ESP32-S2.

If building an example, please check the example CMakeLists.txt file for the clause SUPPORTED_TARGETS esp32. If this is present, the example won’t work on ESP32-S2.

Before building an ESP-IDF project, run the following command to switch the target to ESP32-S2 Beta: set-target esp32s2beta


Running set-target will clear the project configuration and create a new empty sdkconfig file for the project. The old configuration will be saved in sdkconfig.old.

Then configure the project: menuconfig


There are 3 versions of ESP32-S2 Beta engineering sample available with different Wi-Fi PHYs. They can be identified by the marking on the chip itself. The project must be configured to match the chip via the project setting “ESP32-S2 Beta chip version” (CONFIG_ESP32S2_BETA_CHIP_VERSION). This can be found under Component Config -> ESP32S2-specific. If the project setting doesn’t match the chip then Wi-Fi performance may be very poor, or the chip may crash when initializing Wi-Fi.

Build and flash the project as usual, for example: -p PORT flash monitor

Consult the 快速入门 guide for more details on building and flashing an ESP-IDF project.


It is possible to set the project target back to ESP32 by running set-target esp32. This also clears the project configuration.


ESP32-S2 Beta support is currently a preview and does not support all features. Espressif firmware developers are working hard on the remaining support, so please update the master branch regularly to receive the latest code.

  • The integrated USB OTG peripheral is not supported

  • Documentation not updated for ESP32-S2 in most places

  • Peripheral drivers are a work in progress

  • No power saving modes

  • No hardware security features or cryptographic accelerator support

  • Time-of-Flight (TOF) measurements with normal Wi-Fi packets is not supported


  • ESP-IDF V4.1 will support ESP32-S2 Beta chip as a preview with some limitations.

  • ESP-IDF V4.2 will support ESP32-S2.

Support for ESP32-S2 Beta will be removed from ESP-IDF once ESP32-S2 is available.


If you find issues which are not mentioned in Limitations, please open an issue on GitHub.

Please make sure to mention that you are using the ESP32-S2 Beta preview support and give your exact version of ESP-IDF.